Essential Maintenance Tips for Vape Kits

by Foster

No matter the quality of any vape kit, maintenance is essential to its performance and durability. It enhances your vaping experience and significantly reduces the cost of buying new vapes every time. Although vapes may be comparably cheaper, it is still essential to ensure their functionality is at a maximum.

With proper cleaning and simple hacks, you can have the same experience as you would with a new vape, from flavor to smoke intensity. Treating yourself to a new one after a long time is not a bad idea, and you get there with a few online purchases, which can last a long time. You, however, get the same results as choosing to clean and maintain your vape kit.

Components of a Vape Kit

The vape kit design and features may differ depending on the brand and version. A typical vape kit contains three main parts.

1. The battery is an integral part of the vape that produces temperature and voltage power. Most mods contain it in an enclosed space connected to the body.

2. A tank in a vape is what most people consider the “vape” itself. It holds the vapor juice and has an atomizer that vaporizes the liquid. The tank also holds the coil and battery.

3. The coil is a part of the tank heated by electricity to change the liquid to e-cigarette vapor.

What Causes the Residue in Vape Tanks?

Over time, residue may accumulate in the tank due to the liquid used. It has some components which do not vaporize and instead clamp on the coil. The residue eventually covers the loop part, and the vape may taste burnt. It may burn the whole vape and refuse to work even when liquid is in it.

How to Clean Your Vape

There are times your vape kit requires a simple clean, while most times, you should clean using alcohol.

Simple Cleaning

1. Separate the vape parts and remove the tank from the mod.

2. Dismantle all the parts completely and drain any remaining liquid.

3. Fill a container with warm water and soak the parts for a while

4. Clean them until fully clean and if they are filthy, pour a bit of soap.

5. Dry the parts using a paper towel and air them for approximately 15 minutes.

6. Assemble the parts.

Cleaning With Alcohol

1. Dismantle the vape kit parts and drain any remaining liquid.

2. Pour some unflavored Vodka on a clen piece of cloth and use it to clean the kit thoroughly.

3. Clean it with warm water and thoroughly wipe It dry.

4. Air the parts for 15 minutes and reassemble the kit parts.

When to Clean Your Vape Tank

It would be best to clean your tank at least every few weeks or when changing to a new flavor. Mixing flavors can ruin the vaping experience, especially if you want to try a unique flavor. You can also clean it when there is a decline in taste which indicates residue accumulation.

Other Maintenance Tips

You can opt to buy unsweetened vapes since the sugared and flavored ones usually leave residue on the coils. The unsweetened ones will require less maintenance compared to the flavored vapes. Additionally, you can change your coils since they are the primary contributors to the intensity of flavors.


Practicing basic maintenance tricks on your vape is significantly advantageous in improving the functionality and taste of a vape. Cleaning will save you money since you won’t need to buy vape kits after a short time. Keeping your vape of high quality is essential to your vaping journey and experience.

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