Everything You Need To Know About UWELL Caliburn Koko Prime

by Foster

Vaping is rapidly growing as one of the best alternatives to smoking. It has become an extremely popular thing amongst teens and young adults who like experimenting with different types of vape pods and amongst people who are looking forward to experiencing a good vaping experience. Let us dive into the details of what makes uwell caliburn koko prime an attractive option.

In this article, we will see about vaping, UWELL’s Caliburn Koko Prime, its color and design details, and its product illustrations.

Color & Design Details

Now let us look into the color and design details such as attractive colors, stylish design, and perfectly portable.

1. 6 Attractive Colors

UWELL’s Caliburn Koko Prime is available in six attractive and trendy colors such as green, gray, blue, black, purple, and lastly red. The variety in color allows the customers to have many options to pick from displaying its excellence in variety.

2. Stylish Design

UWELL’s Caliburn Koko Prime has an extremely stylish design. Having a stylish design adds to it as it makes the user look while vaping. In addition, one of the most impressive parts is how it allows the user to customize a few parts according to their liking.

3. Perfectly Portable

UWELL’s Caliburn Koko Prime is compact and now this means that its compact nature is perfectly portable. You can carry your Koko Prime in your pocket anywhere you go.

Product Illustration

Moving on, we will now look at a few of the product illustrations that include liquid pod cartridges, body details, type-c charging support, led indicator, and lastly air inlet hole.

1. Liquid Pod Cartridge

A vape pod cannot possibly exist without a liquid pod cartridge because it is considered one of the most essential parts of a vape pod. Koko Prime’s liquid pod cartridge can hold up to 2 ml of E-liquid this shows its great capacity.

2. Body Details

Now moving on to the details of the body of Koko Prime, it is made of Aluminum Alloy Material, its Battery Capacity is 690 mAh, and it has a Maximum Wattage of 15 W. These three details of Koko Prime’s body show its efficiency.

3. Type-C Charging Support

Koko Prime is equipped with type-c charging support. This charging port is compatible with type-c cable hence the name. Any user can charge the vape pod easily with the help of this charging port.

4. LED Indicator

Koko Prime is equipped with a LED indicator, which means that it indicates, or shows signals as it lights up in case of emergency, battery low, high voltage, and so on.

5. Air Inlet Hole

Koko Prime is equipped with an air inlet hole. The air holes present in the vape pods are equipped to control the amount of fresh air that can get inside one’s vape pod. The airflow determines the amount of vapor released. Now this means that if your airflow is widely open then the person using the vape pod will be able to get a large cloud of vapor.


UWELL Caliburn Koko Prime is a great product if you are looking for an elevated and super cool vaping experience. You should also consider its color and design details, and product illustration while buying because it is worth purchasing.

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