Power Washing Tips for Various Surfaces

Power Washing Tips for Various Surfaces

If you don’t know how to power wash painted surfaces or sidings, hire a professional power washer as it may cause damage. Before you start off your journey, it is vital that you will have key steps jotted down. If you’ve never used a pressure washer, take a good look at this guide to learn the basics of using pressure washing machines.

Wood Cleaning

Washing is a good way for cleaning the home’s outside. As an added benefit, it is basically a gig that you can easily manage within a weekend or two.

Washing Guide:

Position the wand of the pressure washer in an up and down fashion.

Better not to linger spray in a single place for the most even washing.

Do not spray in the midst of aboard. You will have to wait till you are either at the top or the bottom.

To avoid noticeable lines, use overlapping strokes.

After you've completed pressure washing the wood, it's time to seal it to protect it from the outdoors. However, first, allow the wood to dry for at least a day.

Concrete Surface Cleaning

Concrete stains and mildewed spots are reasonably easy to see, but everyday dirt buildup is sometimes neglected.

Washing Guide

In the beginning, you should sweep and brush the area that you would like to clean.

If the affected area is your driveway, you should start off by gently scrubbing the area using a sharp brush along with a suitable cleaning solution.

Once that is done, you should ensure to use the right nozzle for each activity.

For the difficulty to remove stains, you can also add a detergent solution in the reservoir to enhance the cleaning effectiveness.

Especially tenacious stains may necessitate many passes with the power washer. When you're finished, you should allow the floor to dry completely dry before applying a sealer.

Sidings Cleaning

One thing to note is that vinyl siding is quite prone to dulling and mildew growth. Fortunately, a thorough pressure washing is the best way to enhance the property’s exterior.

Washing Guide

For starters, take a walk around the home outside. Look for loose siding and other gaps that may allow water as part of the cleaning.

Fill the soaping tank using a washer after connecting the nozzle and wand. i

Fill the detergent reservoir in the pressure washer by attaching the nozzle and the wand.

Use soap for cleaning the siding using the washer.

For rinsing siding, use the white or green nozzle. Each nozzle creates a stronger water jet, thereby washing away debris and removing difficult stains much easier.

Bottom Line

For people using washers for the first time, it is advised to conduct a spot test before proceeding with your job. Most exterior wooden surfaces are made of pine. It's easy to remove more surface than you wanted.

As concrete washing is can cause flying debris, it is better to be prepared for it beforehand.

Considering the project requires a few days to finish, it is completely fine. At the end, safety is the core consideration.