Wholesale Packaging For Your Business Products

Wholesale Packaging For Your Business Products

The birth of the internet gave rise to new opportunities for many businesses. One such business is E-commerce. There are over a thousand e-commerce websites all over the world. As customers shipped online, the most important part of the process was finding ways to safely deliver the product to the customer.

There was a need to find a way to protect the product before, during, and after transit to keep its integrity intact. This led to what we now know today as packaging. There are lots of wholesale packaging options available to brands and businesses. While there's no denying the blessings of good packaging, many businesses have been blind to marketing opportunities that these packaging boxes offered. Brands and businesses can create a remarkable and memorable experience for their customers if they can key into creating packaging that stands out.

Is product packaging design important?

A quick search of "unboxing" on Google will reveal thousands of images and videos of people unboxing one product or the other. While brands have often focused on delivering quality products, for customers, the unboxing or opening of the product package will always leave a memorable feeling for them.

A good example is one of the world's tech giants, Apple. The company makes the finest, most sought-after smartphone in the world but still has the time to focus on the product packaging. Undoubtedly, most brands and businesses do not have up to a quarter of the available marketing budget that Apple has, but you can learn a thing or two from them.

There are cheaper packaging options that can be tweaked to still deliver a good marketing tool for the brand. A good way to begin is to consider the types of product packaging that's available.

What are the types of product packaging?

As an e-commerce brand or business, you'll need to use either one of these product packaging designs to ship your products safely to your customers.

Corrugated boxes

These are the earliest types of packaging boxes. They are generally lightweight but sturdy and can easily be reused. They come in different shapes and sizes and are often just large brown boxes. They're common shipping boxes but that's just all they are. They're seen everywhere in local and foreign post offices. Depending on the weight of the product, they can be double-walled.

Bubble mailers

For smaller-sized items, it didn't make sense that they should be placed in corrugated boxes, especially since these boxes didn't have extra small sizes at the time. Bubble mailers had a layer of bubble placed between the outer and inner paper. It gave extra protection to the items in the box.

Bags and envelopes

These cater to small items that are not necessarily fragile. The items are lightweight and do not need an extra layer of protection. These are more easily customizable as they can have your brand logo on it.

Custom packaging

This allows you to connect directly with your customers. You can get a wholesale packaging supplier to customize your brand logo and design the package in a unique way. They may be slightly more expensive than regular packaging types but they will make you stand out to the customer.


Product packaging is essential to any e-commerce business. It not only keeps your product safe but can also act as a marketing tool to help you connect with your customers. There are different types of product packaging available, each with its own purpose. You can choose the right one for your business based on the products you sell and your budget.