Why Every Teen in College Should Read

Why Every Teen in College Should Read "Stalked By My Alpha"

After a 10-year pact of deciding not to have a mate, Damon, the Mysterious, "True Alpha" may just have to swallow his ego, and reconsider his decision. Each clocking minute distances his presence away from Bella the lady who made it to sway Damon's feelings, unless he finds her sooner. It is then that he notices, he loves her despite every disdainful thing he passed her through. But the elephant in the room is, why would he be so overprotective of his close friend to other males, then fall for someone else?

Read on to find out why you must just read this book.

It's a Fun Read

The first thing that will strike you about this book is the title "Stalked By My Alpha" itself. The title embeds lots of juicy stuff, you may almost want to nickname it as taken by my alpha more so when you come to find out the stalker is not actually interested in his prey. A lot of girls find it difficult to get over a guy they thought loves them but this book will show you how to go about it.

The book is written in such a way that it makes you feel like you are in the story and you can relate to it easily. It is also very funny at times which makes it easy to read and understand as well as relate to.

There are many things that every lover should do when they are not dating someone, but if you want to know what they should do specifically when they are dating then this book will give you all the information that you need so that you can make the right decisions when needed.

The characters are interesting and engaging

The characters are realistic as they are depicted as normal teenagers who want to go to college and grow up with their own lives. Damon has a mysterious definition of a mate and a friend. From beating every male student moving around his closest friend, to openly confessing his zero love for her, is something you wouldn't think of. Don't ladies love security and the assurance one would always be there for them?

Well, Damon may just be different in his on way. So, the plot starts with him answering a No to whether he loves his friend, but then goes sticks his tongue into other ladie's throats even after deciding not to mate 10 years ago.

It's full of action and adventure!

You can't wait to know what happens when Damon catches up with Bella, who seriously begged for his love. But even will he find her? Will he finally give in to her pleas or will he continue with his Romance antiques on her?

There's romance!

Damon is a handsome Alpha male with all the qualities of a great guy. But as an alpha, he also has an overprotective side – he hates seeing his friends with anyone! The friend misinterprets his protection as love but with Damon kissing every lady in his sight thou he doesn't want to see anyone with his friend, what will happen eventually? will his friend give in to his overprotectiveness?

Final Thoughts

There's a lot to learn from each character in this Story. In addition, to its juicy romantic fact, you'll also get entertained by every single bit of it. Check it out today, you don't want to miss this!